Sunset Teams

Legends Teams:
North Carolina

Great Grandmasters Worlds:
Age Against the Machine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Archive, Chicago
Boat Race, Maryland
Burnside Five-O, Portland, OR
CHRONIC, Chicago
No Country, Boston
HURT, Raleigh/Durham
Kingdome, Seattle
Madison Throwback, Madison, WI
Man Down, Philadelphia
Recycled, Gainesville, Florida
Relics, the Coasts
SICK, Texas
Surly, Minneapolis
TriAged, North Carolina

Grandmasters Open:
Black Cans & Highlands, Washington, DC with Tombstone, Toronto
Chicago Archive GM, Chicago
DiscOriented, Tampa
Endless Sunset, San Diego, CA
GrandMaster Flash, Orlando
Johnny Walker, Denver, CO
Junkyard, Raleigh
Peter and Friends, Cincinnati
Reckon, Down South
Sick Hammers, Texarado
Surly GM, Minneapolis

Grandmasters Women:
Atlantiques, Atlanta
Badonkadonk, DC/Baltimore
Boston Ultimate, Boston
Infernold, Texas
Loose Cannon, Philadelphia
Retro, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
Stretch Mark, Minneapolis, MN
Underdogs, Albany, New York

All In, Las Vegas/Venezuela
All My Best Friends, Austin, TX
Columbus Cocktails, Columbus, OH
Club Millie, Denver, CO
Distilled Fink, Harrisburg, PA
Drag’n Rust, Minneapolis
Fire Miami Mixed, Miami
Crown Ultimate, St. Petersburg
No Touching!, Minneapolis, MN

Master Open (Cancelled Division)
Danger Mouse, Seattle
UrnMen, Birmingham
VI Fever, Virgin Islands

Master Women (Cancelled Division)
ColoRADo, Denver/Boulder
Hot Flash, Great Lakes Region