My name is Rodger. In the summer of 2001, I played in my first ultimate tournament and I was hooked. I was afforded the opportunity to pursue my passion for ultimate in college at Ohio State and in the Columbus community. I was able to meet great friends from rival schools and teams, in summer league and on the club circuit. With lots of help, we began hosting tournaments. We started small mostly to help recruit for our college team. We grew this tournament into OSUs Fall Brawl. Along the way, we started to host other tournaments—sectionals, regionals, and the College Championships in 2006, 2007, and 2009. It was during that first College Championship that I first dreamt about having our own fields.

We made a contract with the local Recreation and Parks department to host the College Championships in the Fall of 2004. We received the bid in 2005, and started planning the tournament. In March of 2006, we almost lost our fields because a soccer group wanted the weekend. It is simple business. We wanted to host one tournament, the soccer group hosted tournaments every weekend from April through July. Eventually, it was sorted out and our contract stood; but, the sleepless nights led us down this path.

When the Presidents Day Tournament got stuck with a huge bill for playing on wet fields, and as tournaments are cancelled each year due to rain…I knew our community needed reliable fields. It’d be great if USAUltimate could afford to build these complexes. There are probably a hundred reasons why this doesn’t work. Somewhere at the top of the list is the sheer cost of maintaining the fields at an acceptable level.

But, we believe that the ultimate community is ready for a field of our own. With your support, we can develop a premier field complex. We can have a place that is designed by ultimate players, for ultimate players, and cared for by ultimate players.

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Hi Rodger, It’s only 75 days until Poultry Days 2021! Will there be an Ultimate tournament this year? Enquiring minds want to know!

Hi, thanks for reaching out. We are planning on running a smaller event, provided that we can do it safely. We’re taking bids now and will hold a one-day, Saturday only tournament if we can get 8 teams to commit. After that, we’ll let them in in waves of 8 to make the brackets nice and tidy. Do you want to get a team together to come play?

I just tried to register for the Legends division but the PayPal page stalled out. Are you still accepting players? I’d like to play on the same team as Gary Foreman, Randy Ricks and the other Colorado players.

Hello Rodger, I played PAUCC 2017 – 2019 with Fire Mixed Colombia – now in I living in Florida, we have Fire Miami since 2019 playing, now will go to regionals in NC, and we want to play in the sunset Sarasota tournament in Nov 2021 !!

I am trying to register for the legends tournament. The website says that there is no payment option in my state (Illinois).

I am also trying to register for the legends tournament. The website says that there is no payment option in my state (Florida).

We just updated our payment options. I’ll try to get that figured out. We have your registration, and can find an alternate form for payment if we need to.

Hi Rodger, Thank you and all who helped make Sunset happen. It was a true joy and I am so appreciative. My face is sore from grinning and laughing, the rest of me is sore from the ultimate.

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