Madison Throwback

Madison, WI

Madison Throwback is new to the Great Grandmasters division, but the team traces its roots back to the original Madison Ultimate team founded in 1977. Our name comes from the throwback red and white op-art jerseys which you may remember from the early 1980s. Although Throwback is based in Madison, Wisconsin, we include players from Milwaukee, Oshkosh, the Twin Cities, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Little Rock and Pennsylvania. We look forward to competing with you and enjoying a nice throwback down memory lane with you this weekend!

Madison ThrowbackAgeNum
Michael Janney54
David Fawcett52
Philip Crawford
Sam Sackett52
Geoffrey Nourse55
Brian Jakubowski
Miguel Cline59
Kevin Kinneavy57
Dan Lieberman57
Sara Sackett51
Jim Shope53
Mel Greiser
Nathan Stuart53
Tom “Ironman” Coffin59
Ben Chance56
Jim Brose57
David Kruse57
Joe Ford52
David Bael53
David Toland57
Jay Wyant58
Marni Jones