Team Name: ReCycled

Location: Gainesville, FL

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 7th

Spirit Score: 3.4

ReCycled Ultimate:  As the name implies we are not just a single use item.  Having had a long and productive first use, primarily in the South, time has taken its toll.  Although we aspire to be every bit as good as we were initially, we have come to realize that upon being recycled, we may have suffered some decay in our properties.  That being said we still can hold our own at the party and who knows we might even surprise ourselves by occasionally by doing something on the field, that others might find noteworthy. I assure you this is most likely accidental.  Through our recycled eyes every receiver looks wide open and all our hammers still go 70 yards.  We are excited to have formed this team from a bunch of discarded players and like anything being recycled, we are anxious to see if it solidifies into something fun.

Antonio (Rio) Barbosa5714
Kevin Jones6160
Johnny Hasson627
Jeff Schultz564
Rich Whitcomb5352
Kevin Diamond5524
Alan Reeves5318
Doug Moellering518
Joe Tilley5122
Rick Whitty5541
Mo Bunnell521
Dave Goode505
Scott Nolf5569
Barkley Toole5017
Chris Kopp5137
Bill Neal5013
Bob McCormack (Boris)5674
Malcomb Reeves5515
James Hendricks5610
Josh Wiesner5051
Andy Church526
Gregg (Shap) Shapiro5298
Joe Thacker5536
James Allen5241
Doug Oetter5627
Neal Reeves5912
Rick Opton5562