Team Name: SICK

Location: Texas

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 9th

Spirit Score: 3.6

Out of the ashes of grand master perennials, Sick Hammers, from a scorched post-bellum landscape ‘neath the lone star flag–and with just a dash of Pacific primordial ooze–the brothers of SICK have unionized for the world’s first foray into great-grandmasterdom (great-grandmastery?).

The roots of this creature’s family tree stretch far & wide, through states yankee-fied and those under the Mason-Dixon. And whilst these fighters share certain traits (bruised & re-sewn skin, graying whiskers, creaking joints), each chooses his own weapon (no-look hammer, surreptitious scoober, tilt-a-whirl blade) to achieve the explict (and implicit) goal.

Seniors In Control of Karma. Soldiers In Contorted Kinkiness. Savage Inventors of Cosmic Knowledge. Call us whatever you will: We wish we didn’t know now what we didn’t know then.

DC Spath50+
Scott Cilento50+
Jeff Hartreeve50+
Mike Doughtie (winner)50+
Rick Weatherman50+
Cisco Puga50+
Martin Krohn50+
Joey Barcio50+
Max Norton50+
Eric Moelter50+
Chris Cosgrove50+
Mark Newton50+
Daniel Benson50+
Lee Vallone50+
Tom Blinn50+
David Dreier50+
Rob Popp50+
John Shank50+
Trey P50+
Nikki M (F)45+