DoG is one of the most storied franchises in ultimate history. Begun in 1994 after years of close misses for Boston ultimate teams, Death or Glory immediately made an impact, running off six consecutive National Championships in Open along with three Worlds titles. The team also won titles in their first year in both Masters (2007) and Grand Masters (2009), plus a Masters World championship (2008). The team took a hiatus after its remaining core joined up with No Country in 2013, but with advancing age moved on to GGM in 2018. The team has remained competitive, finishing 3rd at USAU Nationals in 2018 and 2019 and winning the Sarasota Sunset Championship in 2018.

Alex de Frondeville521
Jon Bakija5119
Jim Parinella5488
Jay “Bickford” Watson5116
Simon Verghese5414
Adam ‘Zags’ Zagoria5015
Mike Kelley5017
Sanj Khanna5433
Phil Lawrence540
AJ Iwaszko5221
Duane Bronson5072
Chris Smith24
Evin Lederman69
Sean Sullivan13
Cliff Hanna99
Jeremy Singer26
Brendan Smith44
Chris O’Connor625
Larry Anouna81
Phil Vlahakis3