Team Name: Tri-Aged

Location: Triangle, North Carolina

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 5th

Spirit Score: 3.5

Some things get better with time; wine, art, music and memories. And some things, well, they are better off if allowed to grow of their own volition. Such is the case with TriAged, the NC Triangle area’s first Great Grand Masters (GGM) team. TriAged formed in 2015 quickly establishing itself as a leader and as a solid presence in the GGM scene having competed locally and outside of NC. The team combines an amazing balance of SOTG, fun, skill, athleticism and good looks always promising a spirited and competitive challenge. Come check us out to share stories about Ultimate and what makes NC a hotbed of Ultimate for the young and the less young. TriAged will continue competing in 2018 and show what a bunch of Great Grand Masters can do! (

Bastiaan Driehuys5176
Christian Schwoerke648
Chuck French5817
Damian Craig5957
Eric Stein5834
Jeff Faulkner9
Marc Kessler88
Randall Lanier27
Tim Leinbach5742
Tom Munoz5564
Tom Reid5377
Tom Schopler5854
Sunny Lo5529
Brad Kalil5431
Bradley Newsom90
Howard Jacobson547
Ken Rehder5721
Mark Holt5444
Mike Riley28
Brent Welch583