Great Grandmaster Flash

Team Name: Great Grandmaster Flash

Location: Florida

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 4th

Spirit Score: 3.8

Great Grandmaster Flash are the elder statesmen of Grandmaster Flash, a conglomerate of the rag tag and the elite of years gone by. Sent to the South to be put out to pasture, these players refuse to go into the night quietly. Looking to best their semifinals finish of 2018, they bring heart, grit, and hope inspired by the vitamins the orderlies hid in their pudding cups. Great is Great Grandmaster Flash!

Great Grandmaster FlashAgeNum
Eric Gilmore-Capt50+7
James Cheek50+
Steve Loerzel50+
Bob McCormick 50+
Tom Prince50+
Geffory Gregory 50+
Paul Pinto50+
Jason Kirkpatrick50+
Glenn Duke50+
Emil Ochotta50+
Gabriel Sanchez 50+
Ken Ludwa50+
Ron Fassler50+
Kurt Hagen50+
Loni Hagen50+
Channing Benson50+
Greg O’Connor50