Clouds formed in 2019 with many friends from Tri-Aged and other realms. In the first season, Clouds qualified for USAU Nationals and finished in a 5th place tie suffering just one loss on the way to Relics, but being relegated to the 5th place game with a point-differential tie-breaker.

Christoph Boshoff524
Daniel McConville5125
Ken “Doc” Taylor5726
Rabah Sbitani5267
Rich Franck521
Ed Fox5700
Michael Barefoot5185
Jon Proctor5030
Daran Edmonds5121
Buck Schneider5814
John Boswell5911
Andy Brewer5224
Tim Ray5428
Steve Widoff5465
Eric Davis556
Alan Ellis5168
Zemo Trevathan5653
Chris Weaver5010
Dick Dorff5419
David Kaminski5584