Ohio Conference Championships

Oshadega has hosted numerous USAU Ohio Conference Championships over the past decade. We try to put on the best event for the players, while keeping the cost affordable. This year, we are excited to have partnered with HBC Event Services to help teams find lodging. Please use this link for all your lodging needs.  Hotel Information

The Conference Championships will once again be held at Nafzger Park in Columbus, Ohio (2845 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, OH 43232 Field Location). These fields have become the most reliable spot to hold the Championships in the unpredictable weather. We hope the central location, and early notification, will allow teams to focus solely on the tournament, and not be concerned about the logistics.

If your schools will be paying the entry fees, please use this Invoice form.

2019 USAU Ohio Conferences Invoice

If your school requires a W9 or other information, let us know via email. Oshadega@gmail.com

Good luck as you finish your Spring Seasons…See you all April 13-14 at Nafzger Park.