Team Name: SOUP

Location: Toronto

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 12th

Spirit Score: 4.2

We are a Toronto based GGM team formed this year to play Beach Worlds and beyond. This is our 3rd tournament with our third different line-up. We’ve had teammates from across Canada, the U.S.A. and overseas. For Sunset all of our new friends are from the States. Maple syrup, Maple Leafs and Maple juana.  SOUP’s On!

Clayton Cardin50+67
Craig Stephen6124
Dave Popkey50+14
David “Red” Nemitz50+53
Edmond Wang5655
Francois Lavigne5044
John Turi5563
Lance Donovan50+25
Martin Glazer526
Michael Tylman5018
Mike Elliott5199
Mike Norman5618
Rick Duque5111
Rob Botman50+16
Stéphane Levac525
Steve Rigatti5032
Tom Friedland5515
Ken Snyder50+77
Tim Lloyd50+12