Team Name: CHRONIC

Location: Chicago

Overall Finish 2018 GGM Worlds: 5th Tie

Spirit Score: 3.5

Once upon a time, under the arches many moons ago, there was a creation. An all-seeing eye which foresaw the beginning of the theatre of madness. An ultimate world where players came to get caught in the wave of excitement and experience joy and friendship. The beginning had begun, and, from the ashes, an inspiration was created – a new chapter. The flowering of our minds has taken the first flight forward into the realm of CHRONIC!

Gin & Tonic


Babin, John 50+
Cyran, John 50+
Dacklin, Kib 50+
Egan, John 50+
Estrella, Robert 50+
Ford, Adam 50+
Frankel, Noam 50+
Gallagher, Tim 50+
Glass, Mike 50+
Goffi, Mark 50+
Graff, Sean 50+
Hamilton, Mark 50+
Jipp, Ian 50+
Katz, Warren 50+
Koch, Eric 50+
Kelly, Mark 50+
Kubacki, Steve 50+
Lewis, Kevin T 50+
Miller, Mike 50+
Rempel, John 50+
Sauer, Jon 50+
Shapiro, Gregg 50+
Thompson, Niels 50+
Tracy, John 50+
Veldman, Mark 50+
Walker, Pat 50+
Young, Andre “Dr. Dre” 50+