Tourists (Asheville, NC and TEAM E.R.I.C. Recruits)
MOTO, Nashville, TN
HHG, St. Louis
Believeland, Cleveland
Goon Squad, Chicago
The Kevin Seiler Experience, Ames, IA
League of Shadows, Boston, MA

Mixed Masters
Fossil, Tampa

Restless, FL
EtcTerra, Toronto, Ontario
Hucksters, Sarasota, FL
Atlantiques*, Atlanta (working on numbers)
San Diego*, (working on a team)
3 pickup Players

Great Grandmasters Worlds:
Tri-Aged, Chapel Hill
SICK, TexCaWischire
Relics, Boston and more
Great Grandmaster Flash, Florida
WreckAge, Sudbury, MA
Brothers, Cockeysville
Age Against The Machine, OH
Surly, MN
New York