After 2 years hosting the Elite-Select Challenge, Oshadega is excited to be host to the Select Flight Invite July 29-30 in Hilliard, OH at Spindler Road Park. More information to come soon.




OUI 2016 ESC

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Once again, Oshadega will be hosting the Elite-Select Challenge as its Oshadega Invite Tournament at Spindler Road Fields in Hilliard, OH. Join us as some of the top teams in North America battle it out for a berth to the Pro-Flight Finale.

The tournament will take place July 9-10. We will provide standard tourney fare, team discs, and looking into a BBQ dinner Saturday night.

We’re always searching for volunteers, so click the link above if you’d like to lend us a hand. Your volunteer hours will have the chance to support some of the local Ultimate squads.


Open Division
High Five
Johnny Bravo
Medicine Men
Cash Crop
Garden State Ultimate
Cleveland Smokestack
Black Market

Mixed Division

CLX, Ames, IA
UPA, Chicago, IL
AMP, Philadelphia, PA
7 Express, NY, NY
Love Tractor, Boulder, CO
Bucket, Atlanta, GA
Birdfruit, Seattle, WA
Steamboat, Cincinnati, OH
Alloy, Pittsburgh, PA
Cahoots, Asheville, NC
Dorado, San Diego, CA
Bird, Minneapolis, MN
Pleasuretown, Boston, MA
Sweet Action, Denver, CO
Jughandle, Princeton, NJ
Freeze, Seattle, WA

Women’s Division

Phoenix, Raleigh, NC
Ozone, Atlanta, GA
Heist, Madison, WI
Schwa, Portland, OR
6ixers, Toronto, ON
Nemesis, Chicago, IL
Green Means Go, Philadelphia, PA
Underground, Seattle, WA
Wildfire, San Diego, CA
Hot Metal, Pittsburgh, PA
Viva, Los Angeles, CA
Pop, Minneapolis, MN
Small Batch, Denver, CO
Rival, Columbus, OH
Maeve, Dallas, TX
Backhanded, Baltimore, MD